Month: September 2012

“Yesterday is gone, Its a…b


“Yesterday is gone
Its a new dawn so lets rise
It’s only a step that makes you realize what’s ahead of you
May be there were mistakes yesterday,yes admit cause it was
But this is today,and still tomorrow to come
So let us fix today cause of yesterday
It’s a new dawn…”





Gone are the days when life was simple; times when even without books you would definitely be privileged to share part of your parents’ wealth


When a girl would just lay back, work on her skin and

Wait for a ‘loaded guy’ to ask her for a hand in marriage.


When the old and wise parents made choices, critically

In a line of guiding our paths to the future


Today we are eaten up by many concepts

Others claiming that it’s our rights we are fighting for

Digging deep ditches for ourselves and one another

Making quick choices all by ourselves


‘The old are backward and retarded’ we say

‘We are the future’ we brag

Little do we know

Of what the future holds

We’ve left the torches behind

And all we expect and hope for is ‘A BRIGHTER FUTURE’