Month: January 2013

Ushering in a ‘New year!’

Indeed,it sounds,seems familiar,yes- you too admit this since you have had from the past ‘watching the years come, and go’…So common you find this.
Take it like this; a visitor who comes by and goes,you’ve never seen him-neither has your friend,relative,nobody…Strange!
In most of our infancy,we were strictly cautioned ‘Not and never to talk to strangers’…Why?
Looking onto our past experiences with these ‘Strangers’ we hardly know of, but throw in ‘welcome celebrations’ for,strange!- would you for a stranger?!
Yes, some live us; in worry, joy, pain, lonely, dissapointed,wondering, quaking, different, changed…What I belive is that nobody remains the same; we all experience ‘change’ from increase in an inch taller to reducing in number….Strange it is!; we hardly know of this stranger!…so it is, and should be- ‘A Strange new year’