The Weaker Sex!

For sometime, I’ve been thinking and having this guilt; of spilling this out- buried in within me.So we call them ‘a sex which is weak’?; always is my mind pondering about this thought. Living in denial is what they go through, women and to a greater extent.

Ikaze Art Gallery,Kigali-Rwanda (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
Ikaze Art Gallery,Kigali-Rwanda (Photo by Anrew Israel Kazibwe)
Today they are admired because of their potential (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
Today they are admired because of their potential (Photo by Anrew Israel Kazibwe)

From what I was raised hearing an knowing, seeing; a woman ‘The weaker sex.’ I think this was passed not on assumptions but evidence. True it was ans it has been; they have for long been rendered as ‘weak’, incapable, slow…which all had paved a wide way for undermining and underestimating them.
In the end, denying them privileges in the end at first-which they didn’t fight for lowered their esteem.

Jumping to this day, today;look at ‘a woman’,so dynamic-taking on all tasks there is.Comparing her with yesterday’s woman who we all along referred to as ‘weak’, incapable…So, influential she is today,from the kitchen- serving to the the offices-employing not only fellow women but men!. This is today, she has moved a great mile,proved it beyond doubt that she is equally effective and hardworking as a man; she can perform and deliver on time any task assigned to her, smart, organized, focused and a good planner. On top of the endless list of tasks she delivers, the fact that she can sustain pregnancy; a ‘crucial period’ in a human life,- a bond she creates between and among the human creation, makes her standout, not as the ‘weaker’ sex!

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