This Day!!!

Am not so sure of the rest; but am certain that today is a ‘Sunday’ and more so my ‘Birthday’!!!
Strange it is that ; I don’t, so far share it with any friend or relative of mine- not even on the ‘few social’ sites am hooked onto!
A look back at and into my past, a journey it has been; of ups and downs, and still goes on. A lot of lessons I’ve learn t that still make me ‘a learner’. Life makes you face in all directions, appreciate situations and experiences from which I continue to live.
A feeling I get, of all those closer and closest to me; family and friends- the people we can never do without.
Thank you and I love you Mum!!!
Am grateful to the ‘GIVER’ of this gift, so priceless, that I still hold onto. With it I’ve achived all that Iam, and my mothers, family and friends who all help me live!!!

Wooow, this Day!!!

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