Transport Development Saga

Okay, this isn’t yet another of that ‘drama’ you could expect, may be… It’s been itching my ‘big mind’; yes big- I walk by the ‘Think big Standard.’

Here in Kigali- unlike there, we’ve and are more advancing, thanks to those behind the curtains!!!.
Talking of, yes what has been itching me is the transport sector; U’ve already, and have heard of our good roads and organized traffic, no doubt.

Passengers wait (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
Passengers wait (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
Of recent, we regular public transport users have been ‘knocked down’ by the sector’s advancement- the gradual disappearance of our familiar ‘Twegerane’- Taxis in replacement of the ‘Buses.’

 Kigali Bus Service (KBS) Company has dominated this system- while ‘Onatracom’, a bus company as well still fights it’s woes. Am not familiar yet with the inner system’s process of advancement, but what I know, so far, all I see is ‘KBS labels’ all the big buses, mini-buses and the few taxis-I think which can persist the antagonism.

Remera taxi park has fallen victim of this development; it’s more organized; thanks to whoever oils these wheels.

Though still few in number, long queues are made by ‘we’ the passengers and soon, yes, I overcome the stress of ‘Standing long out in the line’ then in and ready, set to ride.

What puts it off is, unlike the ‘Twegerane,’ at times I pay to stand inside in the bus corridor, since the seats are few.

Passengers entering (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
Passengers entering (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
I enjoy the comfort of most seats especially in the mini-buses; since there’s no standing in a mini-bus.

Twice now it has happened,

Along (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
Along (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
surrendering my comfortable seat to one elderly and another ‘heavy expecting lady’; just because I could be of assistance.It hurts at times, most times. I at most time think of changing my mind but, oh! , I then recall that we first pay the bus fares, and then we enter.

Am thinking of the new development; ‘paying to stand, ’-which isn’t the problem but the time spent outside! I think ‘a fight for the mini-bus’ will work out since ‘comfort is guaranteed’ and why not a little since it’s not free!!!



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3 thoughts on “Transport Development Saga

  1. Its stressing though I feel that’s better than what I see here in Uganda. Taxis crowding the city and very many boda bodas


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