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What Technology has Robbed

For those who have lived through that era- of the 70s, 80s and mid- 90s; when technology had not taken really deep roots into society, times when life within people was so innocent, the real feel of live social interaction; this was when a face to face conversation was more valuable that through this whole session a lot would be achieved.
Gone are the days when we used to have that sweet conversation as we rode in busses, trains, taxis or in cues while in banks or hospitals; quite jolly and memorable they would turn out to be- so we can only save those for occasional events, a few schools and funerals, maybe. All these were replaced by modern Technology- the gadgets. Have you noticed for a moment what goes on event social gatherings?; all eyes and finger tips will be focused on a phone, an I-pad or a Tablet- the gadget I meant!
Thanks to the new Tech, helps us avoid bumping into people we don’t desire, lie about our location, save us from the boring people we are surrounded with and raising addiction for using our gadgets. Amazing how one can easily forget, their transport fare- accidentally of course, wallet or important documents at home, but never their smart phone.
We are increasingly introduced to new tech, using it, appreciating it even before knowing what it really is!
It’s those heart-felt emotions of reality that have been robbed off from us, leaving cyber expressions as a substitute. Can you really feel one’s mood; their joy, sorrow, pain, reaction… through a text! We no longer are closer, socializing, sharing than it feels yet we have to move on; yes, its development and new experience it brings, faded moments it leaves. It’s an advancement that all ages are deeply sinking into, with praises; guess we really get to take a further step in its reality. Gone with olden moments.


The Rwanda I feel


Yes, it’s a country that has suffered it’s troubles till to date- most famously known for the Genocide tragedy of the 1994 by most, making it not so easy to convince the world that Rwanda is more than the picture mostly painted, or what happened.

Getting here, staying, growing and living here makes me discover who Rwanda really is; am not talking of it’s location, or its physical features! The land of a thousand hills it is known for and indeed, it is.

Its amazing how a person out there, till today will frown in surprise on the notice that I reside in Rwanda- truth is that even when this age of technology keeps everyone updated about places closer or furthest from them, Rwanda is thought of as that scary place, haunted by war still.

A rich culture it has had from past, and as tragedy vegetated; the people were split from the strong bond that once held them. Happy people they are, yes they don’t easily open up; getting to know more of who they are and appreciating their culture lets you.  


So sudden, was the horrible experience that stormed Rwanda- like a thief in the night. A dark cloud filled with greed, hate and ruthless intensions covered the country; bloodshed was all that fed the sight, and screams into the air; it was a Genocide,  that claimed over 1,000,000 dead and as the slaughter went on, the world didn’t know the depth of this, hopes of rescue were pale. It was an act that made way into even holy places that Churches and most church leaders were under this dark spell!


On a long road of reconciliation is Rwanda, day today as the country grows through business and infrastructure, forgiveness is a continuous lesson that is taught mainly through leadership and administration because with this at people’s hearts, the great experience of horrors can never be sighted again. It’s a long process where Rwanda has to heal from past wounds, fresh dreams built and a peaceful future attained.

Moving on hasn’t been so easy but it prevails, as reconciliation is sought, peace established in, within the people and the country, then slowly Rwanda is on the road steadily to development. Its now 20 years since and a lot of development has been seen, that again much raises one’s eyebrows as they get to see for themselves. Its more than the Rwanda that people think they knew- guess I’ve fallen in love with it, maybe, but I hold no regrets.

Hope is what Rwanda holds onto, that never will the tragedy happen again. 

Dating, courtship -an institution we could take courses from


Wekipedia defines Courtship as the period in a couple’s relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of an agreed relationship of a more enduring kind. During courtship, a couple gets to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement or other such agreement. A courtship may be an informal and private matter between two people or may be a public affair, or a formal arrangement with family approval.

In the past, courtship was more of formal, especially in the African society, where parents were more into play, I mean they could do almost everything; from the search, finding and discovering more who the partners really were and the families they were from; of course desired were a hard worker, disciplined and of course wealthy families since ‘the elders knew best then’

As advances in ‘civilization’ came, that culture has been seen off dying; some parents had their motives that weren’t shared with the children to be married and the children (youth) too have become ‘civilized enough’ to do it themselves.

Courtship Today

This is a mixed up fantasy that is handled by two; discoveries done, experiences shared and the decision is done shortly. Unlike as it was traditionally, it could take some really good time; imagine for some, watching over the young from their infancy, with close follow up to their youth and a decision could finally be made.

With short term courtships, many young couples may way into the big meant to be long life marriage commitment after dating for a few months. The youth are so stuck in lust, backed up by other hidden intension mistakened for love.  

What it’s meant to be

The actual picture of courtship or Dating if painted is meant to be a reality that requires real commitment and dedication since it gives an insight into what a real marriage would be in future. Marriage is a life commitment between two people and religiously before God and people as witnesses.

Today, relationships leading to marriages are more based and determined on ‘visible aspects’; money, appearance and other physical possessions count more. The ‘invisible, yet very crucial aspects’; behavior, culture, belief… are set aside. Maybe today’s generation, unlike yesterday’s youth are born too blind, without eyes; not those ‘eyes’, which explains why today many are ‘married’, but not ‘happily married’!

Time is a crucial aspect in courtship; short term courtships haven’t been seen to lead to strong, long lasting commitments to marriage by most relationships. Courtships were long ago treasured because during courtship the couple isn’t meant to indulge into any physical contact, they both treasure this as more is discovered and with dating a couple freely associate, even physically, so in most cases creating biasness. In such relationships especially as they are today in most cases, marriage isn’t thought of as a lifelong treasure.

With today’s societies that even create free environment for marriage breakups through the married easily filing for a DIVORCE without any time consent, lesser can be hoped from what lies ahead of future marriages.Pity is that youth today Trek trough the entire experience all by themselves and the elders, a few exist and a big gap between, making them out of reach. So big the institution is that real training we need for saving that long life commitment it!  

The Weaker Sex!

Inspiring Change is the 2014 theme for our international womens day… And with it, the world has to discover more about who a ‘Woman’ is; I mean a ‘Real Woman’

Andy's Sight

For sometime, I’ve been thinking and having this guilt; of spilling this out- buried in within me.So we call them ‘a sex which is weak’?; always is my mind pondering about this thought. Living in denial is what they go through, women and to a greater extent.

Ikaze Art Gallery,Kigali-Rwanda (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe) Ikaze Art Gallery,Kigali-Rwanda (Photo by Anrew Israel Kazibwe) Today they are admired because of their potential (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe) Today they are admired because of their potential (Photo by Anrew Israel Kazibwe)

From what I was raised hearing an knowing, seeing; a woman ‘The weaker sex.’ I think this was passed not on assumptions but evidence. True it was ans it has been; they have for long been rendered as ‘weak’, incapable, slow…which all had paved a wide way for undermining and underestimating them.
In the end, denying them privileges in the end at first-which they didn’t fight for lowered their esteem.

Jumping to this day, today;look at ‘a woman’,so dynamic-taking on all tasks…

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Restaurant La Frecheur

Not so many weeks back, close in the heart of Kigali, I marveled on where to catch up with lunch, not expensive and satisfying. So I took a walk to the downtown lane. Muhima, in Nyarugenge was my destination and it surely paid off, I guess.

My eye lands upon one; Restaurant La Frechuer it is, not hidden far from access.  The menu is friendly; filiti, inyama, mélange gusa, mélange ni’ nyama, ubugali, ibishyimbo …and others, not many.

And as I settle to my order minutes away- chips, beans and rice, I look around, it is a busy place with many coming in, others leaving, a 14 inch screen is raised in the corner music videos showing.

Out side the Restaurant
Out side the Restaurant


Something common I notice about this place; the customers are majorly moto cyclists, the commonly known as ‘Boda Boda cyclists’. More pace in, as others live.

Besides the deep concentration of the meal’s delicacy, I can’t stop noticing how they (the Cyclists, oh!, sorry, I meant customers) relate in here; happily, of course as a being, with some available cash to hold onto would be, one orders with ‘brag’ what he eats and impatiently waits. “Mugomba kudufata neza sha!, turi ababossi!” (You ought to handle us well, we are bosses!), says one. “Nyogera isosi we!”(Add me soup!), orders another.

Strange it also is that for the time Iam there, I notice no female customers, uhm!, maybe after me that they will show up!, I guessed. I loved it here too and yes, will definitely go back!!!

Hah!, it really took me a strange courage to take that picture!, not on how people around here perceive media!   


Dancing to their tunes- Aid in-deed

The Ugandan leadership through President Yoweri Museven’s reaction towards the Homosexuality Bill was a unique one. What followed indeed brought fresh back the memories that Rwanda surpassed two years ago when also Aid was with held by the west on allegations that it was backing up the M23 rebel war in Democratic Republic of Congo.

This came at a time when Peter Heller, a German film maker was screening his directed movie ‘SWEET POISON’.

The movie;

This is indeed what should be at most African leader’s tables, as a dessert, or a morning tea snack. I believe too it had criticism especially from the western members, not all.

In this documentary, which I was privileged to view, comprehend and later share views with its director, we are drawn to what Africa is before, them how it changes when Aid comes; with wide-open arms it is received.

Two things, as side effects it brings to most African economies; crippling the economy since most if not all people are naïve on how long it is to last, making them constantly paralyzed and parasitic on it- which poses a thought through my mind on ‘What independence really means to us and whether we are’

Secondly, it’s hard to find, may be in very few countries where aid is efficiently and effectively channeled to it’s originally intended goal; it all has given birth to selfishness and greed among the offices meant to use this aid. Corruption is the dish to which most African leadership and administration are daily fed.

The film shows one that the aid meant to relieve us of crippleness instead causes it!; and when it is abruptly taken away (as it is done in reality) by the ‘aiders’, the worst Africans are faced with than before. Yes, some, if not most of them (aiders) are surprised of the drama it creates.

Rwanda’s option of the ‘Agaciro Development Fund’ was a brave one- after that ‘abrupt shock’ from the west; that even through it all, the project still goes on- a lesson learnt.

Now, that aid is being channeled from it’s neighbor Uganda, due to the Gay Bill sagas, makes me wonder; was aid all along, backed up, or centered for Gay?

Unlike, in the west, channeling aid funds directly affects the grass root people, not our ‘leaders’ (I wonder whether the west knows this, well enough!).

The Ugandan leader gave it some time, for scientific research about the topic before; this topic is a really deep one ‘Aid Vs Human Rights Vs African Culture’

See, the film teaches me that Aid is a big business, for both parties, where either parties have expectations to be fulfilled. The problem here is some are hidden, for Africa to see.

Hope in the first place, the donations are for the right motives which African ‘leaders’ should have eyes clear enough to see, hope Uganda too had earlier on learnt from Rwanda ; am afraid this might spread to the rest of Africa.