Dancing to their tunes- Aid in-deed

The Ugandan leadership through President Yoweri Museven’s reaction towards the Homosexuality Bill was a unique one. What followed indeed brought fresh back the memories that Rwanda surpassed two years ago when also Aid was with held by the west on allegations that it was backing up the M23 rebel war in Democratic Republic of Congo.

This came at a time when Peter Heller, a German film maker was screening his directed movie ‘SWEET POISON’.

The movie;

This is indeed what should be at most African leader’s tables, as a dessert, or a morning tea snack. I believe too it had criticism especially from the western members, not all.

In this documentary, which I was privileged to view, comprehend and later share views with its director, we are drawn to what Africa is before, them how it changes when Aid comes; with wide-open arms it is received.

Two things, as side effects it brings to most African economies; crippling the economy since most if not all people are naïve on how long it is to last, making them constantly paralyzed and parasitic on it- which poses a thought through my mind on ‘What independence really means to us and whether we are’

Secondly, it’s hard to find, may be in very few countries where aid is efficiently and effectively channeled to it’s originally intended goal; it all has given birth to selfishness and greed among the offices meant to use this aid. Corruption is the dish to which most African leadership and administration are daily fed.

The film shows one that the aid meant to relieve us of crippleness instead causes it!; and when it is abruptly taken away (as it is done in reality) by the ‘aiders’, the worst Africans are faced with than before. Yes, some, if not most of them (aiders) are surprised of the drama it creates.

Rwanda’s option of the ‘Agaciro Development Fund’ was a brave one- after that ‘abrupt shock’ from the west; that even through it all, the project still goes on- a lesson learnt.

Now, that aid is being channeled from it’s neighbor Uganda, due to the Gay Bill sagas, makes me wonder; was aid all along, backed up, or centered for Gay?

Unlike, in the west, channeling aid funds directly affects the grass root people, not our ‘leaders’ (I wonder whether the west knows this, well enough!).

The Ugandan leader gave it some time, for scientific research about the topic before; this topic is a really deep one ‘Aid Vs Human Rights Vs African Culture’

See, the film teaches me that Aid is a big business, for both parties, where either parties have expectations to be fulfilled. The problem here is some are hidden, for Africa to see.

Hope in the first place, the donations are for the right motives which African ‘leaders’ should have eyes clear enough to see, hope Uganda too had earlier on learnt from Rwanda ; am afraid this might spread to the rest of Africa.

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