Restaurant La Frecheur

Not so many weeks back, close in the heart of Kigali, I marveled on where to catch up with lunch, not expensive and satisfying. So I took a walk to the downtown lane. Muhima, in Nyarugenge was my destination and it surely paid off, I guess.

My eye lands upon one; Restaurant La Frechuer it is, not hidden far from access.  The menu is friendly; filiti, inyama, mélange gusa, mélange ni’ nyama, ubugali, ibishyimbo …and others, not many.

And as I settle to my order minutes away- chips, beans and rice, I look around, it is a busy place with many coming in, others leaving, a 14 inch screen is raised in the corner music videos showing.

Out side the Restaurant
Out side the Restaurant


Something common I notice about this place; the customers are majorly moto cyclists, the commonly known as ‘Boda Boda cyclists’. More pace in, as others live.

Besides the deep concentration of the meal’s delicacy, I can’t stop noticing how they (the Cyclists, oh!, sorry, I meant customers) relate in here; happily, of course as a being, with some available cash to hold onto would be, one orders with ‘brag’ what he eats and impatiently waits. “Mugomba kudufata neza sha!, turi ababossi!” (You ought to handle us well, we are bosses!), says one. “Nyogera isosi we!”(Add me soup!), orders another.

Strange it also is that for the time Iam there, I notice no female customers, uhm!, maybe after me that they will show up!, I guessed. I loved it here too and yes, will definitely go back!!!

Hah!, it really took me a strange courage to take that picture!, not on how people around here perceive media!   


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