Month: April 2014

The Rwanda I feel


Andy's Sight


Yes, it’s a country that has suffered it’s troubles till to date- most famously known for the Genocide tragedy of the 1994 by most, making it not so easy to convince the world that Rwanda is more than the picture mostly painted, or what happened.

Getting here, staying, growing and living here makes me discover who Rwanda really is; am not talking of it’s location, or its physical features! The land of a thousand hills it is known for and indeed, it is.

Its amazing how a person out there, till today will frown in surprise on the notice that I reside in Rwanda- truth is that even when this age of technology keeps everyone updated about places closer or furthest from them, Rwanda is thought of as that scary place, haunted by war still.

A rich culture it has had from past, and as tragedy vegetated; the people…

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