Africa’s thirst for ‘Human Rights’ (1)

It is at this discussion at Goethe institute in Kigali that I further realized what the common people-that matter most do ever miss out!
Our main center of focus was ‘Human Rights’ and the panelists mainly constituted of representatives from civil society organizations. And ofcourse as an interesting discussion can be; the panelists did their first bit of breaking down the topic and pondering on issues closer and related to it, then minutes later it was opened for the house to be engaged.
The world today is under various leadership and political systems and yes, as civilization came; with it much more was born and to this day continues to be nurtured.
Human Rights is a word that today appears back and forth-as political obligations and aspirations are continuously raised everywhere. Governments, under different leadership especially in Africa are continuously pointed at and cautioned by the western world through organizations against the abuse and dishonor of Human Rights; of course in most societies where wars, ambushes, anonymous murders and freedom of press are rampant, this all provides a straight platform for accusations of ‘Human Rights Abuse’
Most African leaders do in turn point back to the accusers- due to the fact that the discomfort of the pressure is unbearable, that they are just being discriminative in their actions; Why is the International Criminal Court mainly focus their attention onto African leaders?, are they the only ones abusing the rights of people?!
See, in the ‘democratic’ leadership today, principles are put up and clearly stipulated by a Government but if they were to be fully implemented as designed in the first place, then the world wouldn’t be what is dreamt of a ‘paradise’.
As part of the government’s roles is to protect the people’s rights. Bodies which like ‘Civil Society Organisations’ are then established to further help; mainly with a role of sensitizing and giving people a platform to realize and claim for their rights. CSOs are to further act as watchdogs, guide and caution governments on issues that won’t violet human rights.
As a matter of fact, most CSOs have been set up by the governments in rule, so a strong possibility of governments acting ‘Am the law or the law is under my might’ happens. What happens when the government meant to protect human Rights doesn’t?
Ignorance of Rights
Knowing, acknowledging and implementation of Human Rights doesn’t come in handy; Dr. Peter Stepan says it took most of Europe hundreds of years to get where they are when it comes to this. Africa has just and is still in the transformation of most leadership systems-of course which are new to us all, and we are yet there.
Reality is that, a peasant has no clue of what ‘Human Rights’ are and why and how they should matter; to most Civil Societies are not known and ignorance of one’s right sometimes (if not most) saves them; since the few who are informed and willingly come out to claim or fight for them (rights) are seen as posing a great threat to the oppressor.
These days, by most, Civil Society is mistaken to be ‘political Rights’ not ‘Civil Rights’, maybe because CSOs are nurtured by political systems in power…

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3 thoughts on “Africa’s thirst for ‘Human Rights’ (1)

  1. surely human rights is every body’s concern today…however our question should be why are our people being oppressed it all turns on poor leadership in undemocratic countries alongside unruly citizens in most
    developing countries


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