My Wishes, my Dream

Its always been my wish, a wish am ever dreaming of-not day dreaming but dreaming…My strong feeling of thought that I hold onto with that calmness embedded with passion, that people around don’t share…

I wish I could switch places with your shadow, cause I envy it-see it is ever with you and will follow you, besides you even when you rarely take recognition. 

I wish we could switch places, so that you’d have a feel of what am in, and maybe could make you love me; If I was you and you were I, in love-then I’d sacrifice to stay in such a dream and never to wake up.

I at times keep whinging to the creator and myself; why we(you and I) won’t share this rich dream of sensation; looking deep into each others’ eyes to connect and evoke all that used to be,way back in our young days of innocence when our bodies were full of life, real life.

I wish this wish could turn into a reality dream.  

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