When your Boss takes social site matter of things personal

Before, all was well, since everybody was innocent, reserved and naive about it all; that was a time when Social media or sites (Facebook, Twitter…blah blah blah…) were a mystery. See, in offices only a few, those privileged would and were entitled to use that ‘desk phone’, and in most offices these machines had specified people to operate them.
I mean those times when the word mobile phone had not yet made way into society’s vocabulary. It’s through only letters, telegraphs and face to face conversations ruled the ways of socialising, sharing and interacting. Of course much, yet not much could be attained as people met or connected.
When social sites showed up, even before society knew what ‘socialising’ encompassed, it dashed for it.

A friend of mine nearly lost her job when her Facebook friend furiously carried their social conversation on a topic all the way into office; oh, her Facebook friend was her boss-who she had honoured his friend request and accepted it. To her she vowed never to accept a ‘Request from an Employer’, she opted to unfriend her Boss, but was it the best thing to do?-it was too late!

See, social sites help us connect, share and more get to know each other. Would you like being that employee whose boss pokes his nose into social affairs, which is fine but further take matters personal?!. I don’t think it’s right to act the bossy way on that social site, even when you have employees. But also respect should be into consideration, to keep ones’s image.

So, what would you do if you saw that friend request from your employer?

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