Month: January 2015

City’s Changing Faces- (I)

Its a city, and lots is expected by not only those within it, but those far from it. It ignites Rural-Urban Migration, a far increasing issue, since the rurals’ for long await for that opportune moment to dash into what they describe as ‘rich, blessed, opportunity endowed’ place, so as to tap into it, since generations have suffered from the belief that ‘The City is Rich, and so are its Residents’.

In Africa, many youth have taken over the sole ancestral treasure ‘land’ and sold it, all for a way to launch that ambitious attack onto the urban, and there they rent houses of all sorts, explore all that the city offers…
But that’s not seen lasting for long, clubbing forever(of course, very few will invest).

Crime is resorted to for most, since its free, not documents or Curriculum Vitae are required of entrants(Iam I wrong), yet quick returns are attained in a nick of time. The lucky, go free, while their fellows end behind bars, lamenting.

Little do they ponder, that I do now…Like, how it the City emerge?, or who purchases that land from the rurals (Is it themselves usually)?, or…

So, there it continuously prospers in growth, not minding of who comes in, purchases what, loses what, who or if tomorrow’s weather will matter!…
I envy the city, for reasons, but it is what it is; Holding changing faces, so unpredictable.