Are Sports Journalists doing enough?

I ain’t one of ’em…But it speaks to me!

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The sports season is back for many, here i’m speaking for the majority of the football fans, with the return of the European football leagues and champions league football, the opening weekend of our national league went without notice to majority of these fans, which left me pondering and asking;

Why is less attention given to our local sports disciplines?

Over the year’s (two and a half) that i’ve reported on sports. I’ve come to notice a growing and disturbing trend in the neglect in reporting our own issues.

Mid this year a sports editor and a friend of mine Hamza Nkutu wrote an opinion article where he highlighted the issue.

I for one would not agree more on many of the issues raised but having worked in all forms of media in Rwanda, i again had to ask myself what i and some of my colleagues have done to…

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