The City’s Changing Faces (II)

By Andrew I Kazibwe
It is, of course so unpredictable…As am strolling through this neat street, right in the urban, two pretty looking ladies, stand aside whispering to each other (which I hear quite clearly), “Its unbelievable, what  such an insane man is doing here in the city, how did he get here?!,” one wonders.

It was a mad man (I feel its rude calling them that way…), but there he was, this poor ragged, dirty man, moving,holding dirty plastic bottles, smiling ear-to-ear while walking through- just like us…Uhmmmm, its the city, and he is part of it. True is that when walking into the city, one will least keep it in mind; that the mad, beggars, blind, thugs… will be part of the crowd to find!!!.

We all always associate the city to smart, neat place filled with wits, geniuses,yet interesting we will find how surprised we get when the least is sighted. As it grows, it nurtures various kinds with it, since its people who make it, from those in suits to those in rugs, those who serve and who they serve, landlords and tenants, patients and medical personnels, teachers and learners…

So, walking past a beggar, that person sleeping close to the trench, the crippled, the mad, the ‘trick stars’doing business their own way, those youths who seem so idle (They so seem), all tells one of the diverse picture of the city, descriptions so complicating yet depicting reality.

Imagine a street with out all these-what we call confusion, disorder…Well I enjoy this diversity of life because it speaks to the world, lights it up, make it complete.
Am not imagining it, it exists-look around you!!!

The Writer;
Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African Rwandan-based freelance Journalist , a learner, Arts enthusiast and advocate. Passionate about what goes on within lives, he shares whats within, around and closer to you. Its an Insight!!!

Published by Andy's Sight

A learner... Experiencing the ups and downs in all life's corners...With a passion for Media;specifically writing and Broadcasting...Still emerging... Life is the main inspiration behind these writings; through the rich experience as a teacher, and my current sojourns in Journalism; I find life, look at it through a different sight, which I share.

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