Craving for publicity- abandoning Marketing!

So typical amongst rising artistes, especially those drawn into the fantasy of fame, quick earning and success. Many youth have embarked on sharpening talent, but only limiting themselves to creating and producing- of course great work.

As times advance, our creation is no-longer limited to our household, neighbors, or the village we hail from, but the world at large. For instance; you are a writer, musician, actor, comedian, painter, craftsman, fashion designer, poet…, you create, package, then what?…

See many are lost into the praise within their ‘households’, and probably the village they live in. But with this dawn of technology, its amazing how not even your neighbors will know that you have a songs, new Art piece, film, poem for showcase or a play to stage- if you limit your boundaries. Most of the artistes will only wake up to post onto their timelines, walking towards broadcast media and pleading for airplay, or to newspapers.

Marketing of works by an artiste is a creative process, which requires great analysis, and strategy. With each step to letting out your works, handle and honor criteria, while tactically effecting it- social media(which is believed to be the biggest marketing platform) is quite a great one- is mastered, while no one would wish to stay under rugs after toiling it out.

With variety of talents out there, strange is that NOT the most talented ones will make it to success, but the willing to learn of proper marketing channels and tactics !

Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African- Rwanda based Arts writer- curious about life, and as a learner openly expressing unfolding issues and interpretation about the Arts…

Published by Andy's Sight

A learner... Experiencing the ups and downs in all life's corners...With a passion for Media;specifically writing and Broadcasting...Still emerging... Life is the main inspiration behind these writings; through the rich experience as a teacher, and my current sojourns in Journalism; I find life, look at it through a different sight, which I share.

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