Mowzey Radio- a talent lost through Great Pain

Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio’s death is one which took the music fraternity by great suprise.

In great pain he passed on, yet this pain further soaked into people’s hearts. We had many encounters(musically), yet my face to face encounter offstage was during their Kigali tour, where the duo was to hold a performance.

Mine arent interviews(as I usually request them), but real life escapades, which I learn from.

Weasel and Radio
Musicians Weasel and Radio during our interview Credit; Alex Muyoboke

Yes, the duo shared most about their musical journey, and yes- why the conflict with Jeff Kiwa, their former manager. Radio&Weasel revealed how they perfered expanding their management from just one sole manager(person), to multiple(in various countries), which was quite unique about them.

Truth is how this duo kept trend, grew beyond leaps and bounds from just winning local awards to recieving continental and international nominations like the Black Music Entertainment(BET) norminations.

Even with all this progress, back home seemed prominent grudges first with Jeff Kiwa, then prominent Bar fights- which we hardly knew would turn out so evil.

Moses’ death was a deeper shock, which to this day unearthes much more- right from public, friends to family members.

Music was his heartbeat, yet he held many faces- as a musician, family man, businessman and more.

Then what of digging deeper into his music, the lyrics in gospel Album is quite a ponder, yet more that we are yet to learn of in his upcoming music, which will bewilder many.

In reflection to Rev.Fr. Deogracious Kiibi, we wouldnt have lost such a precious jewel had his management been really valuable, and professional. I dont rule out the fact that the sail into the musical bliss and glamour was great- that the duo really fed us with professionality, but what of the care for its life. According to his character as known by those closest, Mowzey Radio deserved a closer bodygaurd, who could stand up for him- which was all taken for granted.

But again, most artists, especially musicians take management for granted. When one is rebuked by their management, not from a humble perspective they take it, but instead turn against their managers. A manager ought to take over your operations, finances, bookings, marketing and as well as welbeing, hence deserving high most respect.

Not the death he deserved, even with the baseless testimonies hovering across the media, more speculation it unfolds, which we believe will give birth to more.

We hope to discover more about this deep loss.

Will upload my encounter with the Duo, which is also unique.

May the most high rest his soul.

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2 thoughts on “Mowzey Radio- a talent lost through Great Pain

  1. On Saturday I went on a road trip with some friends. Every music mix we had had Mowzey’s music topping; and it got worse when we got to one of the hangouts in the night- and we asked to play our own music. One of the guys we found had to tell me- we get your love for Radio. can we now move on to other songs? 😛 You enjoy his(their) music endlessly without even noticing.
    Anyway, Mowzey is missed already, but he left us a greater gift; his music.We go enjoy it for life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deep thought Stella. Indeed this legend still rushed through the music veins. Tragedy. Of course some(very few) people got to know about him so late. Then understanding his works not yet still- time unfolds.
      Thanks indeed for the memories.


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