Wraping Up February’s Misery and Joys

Yes, one can’t deny the fact that February opennied up with great misery, which lasted- the death of Uganda’s Moses Ssekibogo Nakintige, commonly known as Mowzey Radio, who was ome of the leading musicians in Uganda, East Africa and onto the African scene.

First was the unconnected incidents-right from the ‘claimed’ bar fights, the hospital treatment narration, burial to the aftermath- which to this day leave so many hanging statements.

Furthermore is money-splashing aclaimed tycoon Brian Kirumira aka Brian White, who posesses several musicians as his followers. Among these, was Dj. Michael, Weasel(of Good Lyf, Jose Cameleone, Bebe Cool and Stand Up comedians like Alex Muhangi, Madrat&Chicco and others.

Under ‘Brian White Foundation’, his NGO, which is said to be uplifting many youth, he preaches development against poverty.

But all didnt go that well after public and later Good Lyf management came out clarifying how it was not pleased with the way this tycoon was disrespectfully handling Weasel, a brand-hence opting out of this movement.

Spicy Diana too has had her woos. The rising Ugandan female musician had successfully premiered her video, the last one with Radio&Weasel, which was well recieved, but then came the Tv interviews (one- which revealed her A’level success in Exams, then another where she was embarassed by her wig falling off the her head while she did a dance stunt, Ooh Nooo!

In Rwanda, the Miss Rwanda Contest unveiled lots-among them was the Milking session of the girls, who were cladded in ‘unique’ Puma sportswear.

Then was Bishop Rugagi’s prophesy of her sheep winning the peagant, which didnt occur! To settle axiety, the crown was finally won by 18 year old Lilian Iradukunda.

Rwanda’s standing girl duo Charly&Nina parted ways with Decent Management, a music management label founded by Alex Muyoboke. This was done-not in broad day light, since the official statement seemed unofficial (As it only had the Duo’s signature). Do they have an official active IG Account too?

Tanzanian Rapper AY is still in the Merry-making mood, which has lasted months after meeting and engaging with Rwandan babe. The two finally sealed this commitment too.We hope the tempo of his music wont change!

Lets save the rest for March!



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