Social Media- Tactically Tapping Into It-(1)

Am hoping you aren’t the kind, who clicked onto the link, or was led here out of anxiety for just ‘Money Minting’, but why not- ‘Earning’ is an aspect that revolves through and with in us all, which is fine.

A quite tactical medium- Social Media turns out to be each day, especially for a generation being mostly ‘brainwashed’ by the fantasy of  fast tech development, and the diminishing aspect of humanity. Truth is how we were all excited at the introduction of Social Media- Recall that feeling one had when they acquired their first email address? (Oh!, this applies not to millennials, since back then, others like Facebook, IG, Snap Chat, LinkedIn were a myth)..

Recall when you first acquired a Face Book account? (That burning desire, the undying moves you exercises for exploring and using it), then, just like any other aspect, or product, we all got relaxed to and through it all-that its no longer fun, and interactive for most. 

But it is SOCIAL MEDIA, a platform for SOCIALIZING, not getting bored at- or boring others! Yes, we still dominate this space (Following this and that- yearning for follows, likes, shares, retweets or re-posts), but barely reflect upon our impact to society- for following, the public. 

Building a viable audience/following comes with patience, sacrifice and real dedication to these platforms- I hope you aint that person who just rushes through, skipping every posts(most of them). Of course you dont have and cant view all, but interacting through comments, likes and reshares/retweets is a way more POWERFUL TOOL in; ATTRACTING FOLLOWING, BRANDING YOURSELF, AND LEARNING OF THE ART OF SOCIALIZING ONLINE.

Why else do people abandon commenting/ unfollowing others on handles with a ‘huge following’?, it simple- they realize how they are being taken for granted. Replying to comments make you more human or connects you closer to your audience than ever. Try it.


Published by Andy's Sight

A learner... Experiencing the ups and downs in all life's corners...With a passion for Media;specifically writing and Broadcasting...Still emerging... Life is the main inspiration behind these writings; through the rich experience as a teacher, and my current sojourns in Journalism; I find life, look at it through a different sight, which I share.

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