Women hold a Wrath- here is why- 1

I remember writing this all,  and more,  but just realize how it has been all in my head.  I do know the consequences of  words, but again-it just has to be somebody.

Over time,  as the world evolves,  women have and are still standing out when it comes to advocacy. From Human Rights Activists, Feminists Movement and Governments rising,  it’s all evident.


It all roots from how she had been. A woman was entirely a ‘Submissive beings,  one to take orders,  without a word,  a helper, Baby Maker,  a cook,  Baby sitter and all.

Even as civilization kicked in, educating a girl seemed a waste of time. In Africa, a girl was rather raised, and prepared for marriage (which still goes on even amidst elites).

Even in leadership, till today,  the world barely possess 5 female presidents. Women/or girls have been raised into belief that they are weak. Okay,  they might be physically,  but it’s mentality that rules the world (otherwise being a body builder would be a quality for presidential candidates).

With enlightenment, a few women have overtime risen in advocacy of a girl child,  and women, with strong belief that ‘Women rights  are Human Rights’.

It all makes sense, a women is a strong,  if not a major pillar amidst the family,  since they know, and understand better.


Unlike the past 10 years,  in Africa today men seem to have taken a back seat,  wondering, contemplating of why women have turned out different.

With with legalization of divorce, women find it free to live on,  while crimes like rape too are Strictly punishable by law.

The Rage

The rising of Feminism, Feminists and women activists is one which has taken several turns. Even when a few women admit, the rage is felt through their steps. With hash tags like #MenAreDogs #MenAreTrash,  one may wonder.  But behind it all, is a lot.

Getting to know ourselves isn’t an aspect we have treasured more. Why?, because we at most see, wave,  smile, hug,  kiss, cuddle and reproduce without understanding who we ‘really are’


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