Was ‘You(Rmx) Worth it? – Check out what Sintex is aiming for.

When he released the original version 3 months ago, Rwanda’s Arnold Kabera, who by fans is known a Sintex– it indeed stung most fans. Not the kind we had envisioned of him: From Ntabyubuntu, Super Star, to to Icyoroshe, then Byina, we had been held to that Afrobeat,pop and Dancehall act.

You(dont think of the Rmx-not yet) paved way for another Zouky, mellow vibe act. Well written, yet the composition is well aligned by Made Beat(a very promising Rwandan budding Audio producer). Most Rwandan(who indeed prefer the mellow tunes showered their praise, and sure, it’s lyrics video was fine.

You by Sintex

When Sintex hit studio, together with Renowned AfroPop Star Thomas Muyombo alias Tom Close, You (Remix) was born.

What we didn’t see in mainstream media(as the usual norm) is the focus onto the song, but rather was the act or the move of Tom Close. Yes, articles like ‘He is helping rising talent’ crowded timelines.

You(Remix) Sintex Ft Tom Close

Pondering on this, have you noticed how this remix holds nothing new? With the pitch raised, then Yes- a video dropped by the two made us convinced(not all of us) that there was a glimmer.

What we didn’t figure out

I belive how Sintex already had the spotlight(but needed better from the Doctor), though… But again, this song will more pave way for his Discography, where by negotiating a collaboration with him is now smoother locally, yet regionally (where he is eying) too a way is gradually paved.

I took this debate to social media, and reactions can compliment the analysis:


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