Heard of Udulele’s new Benga tune?

A good craft is determined by time- yes, as we all don’t conceive it the same way, but am definitely on board with Kenyan Afro Soul artist John Udelele‘s Macho Gololi.

The recently released song does not only take one to sail into this unique rhythmic fantasy of well aligned romantic lyrics, but it more opens one up to the new music style of Benga music, an assortment of rich guitar strings, fused with drums, backed up by melodious vocals.

In languages Swahili(Kenya), English, and oh!, some Luganda (one of the Ugandan languages), the song would sooth any young or older baby(works either ways-depending on your relationship time) into acknowledgement of love’s true treasures.
Listen to this song, and don’t forget to subscribe to
John Udelele‘s channel too.

Macho Gololi by John Udelele

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