Amalon’s Tactical way of Capturing the local Scene

By Andrew.I Kazibwe

With talents rising, not many have captured the local music scenes through a few of their song releases like Amani Bizimana, who by most is known as Amalon. Having started out as a rapper, it wasn’t until his twist to Afro beat and R&B that he is lately becoming a household name.

Songs which include Yambi, Byakubaho, and Delilah featuring Ally Soudy are those which have taken many by storm, having made several rounds across broadcast media, which has made the 25 year old musician the talk of town.

For this, his recent appearance at the Kigali Jazz Junction, a monthly live music event, where he shared stage with the Neptunez Band, Kenya’s Nyashinski, and Zahara, a South Africa Afro Soul act, was a clear endorsement for his skillful arts.

Having attended Kagarama Secondary school and later Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC), where he accomplished an Electronics course in 2013, Amalon chose music, which he wholly does.

But Amalon’s journey into music isn’t one that kicked off a year ago, for not many know how he began eight years ago, but as a Hip-hop Artist. With Rap as his core passion, though he held hidden abilities in singing, it’s Rap, which he held high. To him, Rwandans aren’t the up tempo beings, so most of them love easy going songs, “I wondered why I was delivering up tempo, yet at the look of things, the audience preferred the slower rendition, which prompted the change,” he explains.

Amalon joins musicians Deejay Pius and Uncle Austin during a performance in February this year (Photo by Andrew.I Kazibwe)

Unlike in the past, where the releasing of many songs consistently has been a norm amongst most musicians, Amalon prefers working on releasing a few, but quality songs, which he belies serves most impact.

While has made several public appearances, the musician, who hails from 1K Entertainment label has performed at a few live event platforms like this year’s Isano Music Festival earlier this year and the Burna Boy Kigali Experience, an event where he shared stage with Nigerian Afro-pop star Burna Boy among others, where he has exhibited immense live performance skill, making an outstanding act.

Onto stage, the act, who is a great vocalist has captured many through his soulful delivery, while he also holds great stage charm too.

As a live performer, the musician strongly believes how it is rather through live stage delivery that one should rate themselves a true artist.

Part of what he holds up his sleeves includes performances at the Iwacu Muzika Festival, and event soon kicking off, alongside finalizing his debut eighteen song music album, soon to be released. The highly anticipated album will hold four song collaborations, including one with Uganda’s Weasel of Radio and Weasel Duo.

Commercializing music is first the art of getting a larger audience to embrace and consume the music, which further opens more opportunities like concerts and album sales,” he explains.

Though he acknowledges the progressive steps taken by Rwandan music, the musician is against the pace at which the industry is moving, “We need to catch up with the pace, and for the more we go slowly, the further other countries overtake us,” he states. 
( This story was first published via , a Rwandan weekly Newspaper of Nation Media Group; )


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