2019 Rwanda Day- Reflections on Platform(1)

Rooting from Rwanda, Rwanda Day is a quite unique platform I had for several years barely reflected on(Yes- not many do-since it might seem from afar as just a lavish day for Rwandans to meet and interact with other Rwandans in Diaspora) in the company of President Paul Kagame, and other Rwandan officials.

Rwanda Day

A brilliant move it is, and more so a rather quite inspiring plan the day sets; first inline with reuniting Rwandans globally ever the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis, reconnecting with roots and country’s tradition, imploring and physically discovering gaps and opportunities that Rwandans in Diaspora can pursue back home, and as well as marketing the Rwanda as a destination for tourism and investment opportunities.

With Bonn, Germany having hosted it this year, unique issues were highlighted, which quite will for long be recounted by closer attention. Having more incorporated young Rwandan Artists into this exercise is a way tremendous step, which further contributed to this year’s dialogue too, a sign of how the nation is waking up to more realization of their potential. More to this was awakening…

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