Quoting a Post- and what it implies

Quoting posts, re-posting or sharing them is a norm lately being embraced by many. As one lands on any post, with curiosity it attracts them, hence of course getting their attention, but we barely think twice before or even after reposting, or quoting a particular post.

A Quoted tweet

Clearly stipulating what entails quoting of a post is first recognizing it, giving it attention, then further elevating it. Am against the notion of people confirming how they are against a certain post (its contents) by quoting it in a manner of placing its origin onto their timelines.

Look at it this way- a local, or international media house- or lets say a person with hidden interests (there will always be hidden interests) comes against you, posts false information, or fake information, then all you do in response- you get the original post, which tarnishes your reputation then quote it by posting it?! It implies how you have empowered their original intention of spreading the false or endangering info.

Could imply that you might indirectly be in support of the post you are against. Quoting a media further drives an audience to it, there by meeting its goal.

Nune’s Tweet

The ideal way of bypassing this situation is by rather ignoring the post, since by quoting it- you give it prominence and there more tarnishing your reputation.

So, have we been doing it right?!


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