Fr.Kasole family – the test of Restoring Kigando

By Andrew Israel Kazibwe

This is quite a rare post, for a rare breed or generation of people, but if you feel anything, reach out to me through the comments section.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and everybody who has stayed, you who still holds on.
Maybe we hadn’t seen it coming, maybe some had seen it coming (I mean the earthquake, that shook up Kigando), yes for there was a start, the sowing and blossom before it all…
Yes, and when the earthquake hit, it hit so hard, that it shattered not only the visible, the tangible, but much more. And there arose a ridge, a split, controversy , anguish, guilt, pain, wails, lament, regret, blame…which drove most to various corners.

And as the storm prevails, not many stay, not many return, not many have held on, coz we are human, weak, not so persistent especially to the physical storms.

And we cant forget, how it was amidst this storm that Rev. Fr Rochus David Kasole was called by the lord.

The lord himself knows why it happened , for he works in ways beyond our know.
But much as it prevailed (the storm), we might not have placed much emphasis onto why, or how it has turned around things…
It is from here, that we have seen names, of young women and men rising to the test, yes test.
Thanks to you who has kept a thought, an eye, lifted a finger, set a foot, extended a thought, and financially contributed to any cause at Kigando.

Well, its lately that my soul woke up to the deeper realisation of three names; Kigando (St. Joseph’s Kigando) and the ‘Fr. Kasole Family)
See what was taken advantage of was St.Joseph’s Kigando Family- which was abused, then came the storm, hitting badly.

The Fr. Kasole Family had long been there way before most of us learnt of it, but seemly held most preciously by Rev.Fr.Rochus David Kasole and VERY FEW others.
The Fr. Kasole Family didn’t necessarily mean the biological family, no- it rooted from the core objective of his mission, and divine spirit of setting up St Joseph’s Kigando Family.

At the shattering of everything by the storms, St.Joseph’s Kigando Family has seemed no more… Think about it.

While as the storms prevailed, or still prevail, a young group of individuals have risen to the test(storm), setting pace of what ought to be, facing the reality of St.Joseph’s Kigando Family… This is the Fr.Kasole Family, for they’ve unearthed the ‘Omutima gwa Fr.Kasole’

Yes, just like the storm, they’ve in turn challenged many, including me- for they hold a rare drive, persistence, spirit, heart and spirit towards the St.Joseph’s Kigando Family.

There is a lot of learning here, for even those who thought they knew Kigando, or Fr.Kasole’s mission barely did, for not many have held on, or faced the test, for not many gather courage others hold, for we rise from the same family, yet turn out different, for we don’t respond at the same time- even when we are aware of the call, or its direction.

Rev. Sir N.Richard Kisolo Ky’amaanyi holds a great testimony to tell on, for she has witnessed vast amidst the storm, yet has stayed.

Sr. N.Richard at one of the school buildings closely after the rains had taken off its roof

And to thank you who is reading this, for time can never be taken for granted, since it is sacrificed.

Curam Habe, De Bono Nomine

Published by Andy's Sight

A learner... Experiencing the ups and downs in all life's corners...With a passion for Media;specifically writing and Broadcasting...Still emerging... Life is the main inspiration behind these writings; through the rich experience as a teacher, and my current sojourns in Journalism; I find life, look at it through a different sight, which I share.

6 thoughts on “Fr.Kasole family – the test of Restoring Kigando

  1. Wow!

    And now, the beginning of the real test, the real struggle…!

    Thank you, Andrew Israel Kazibwe, this is a well thought, and well written, account of Fr. Kasole Family. Thank you.


  2. Well said Andrewisraelkazibwe. I believe in miracles my self, and I Know one day something will come up to reviveKigando.
    Thank u Andrew for the thoughts


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