Menstruation- a subject still hidden from society, but is it fair?!

To most, especially men, or the boy child- this post will at most be skipped, ommitted- just because of it’s tittle, which definitely hold the word ‘Menstruation’ in it, but why?

Just before we proceed to (I barely know where), just know that as I pen down this all, I challenged myself into thinking; I was born of and by a woman, I have a Sister/sisters, was raised around female relatives(Aunties, grandmothers, sisters, nieces…), yet still surrounded by more females than males, yes(check the population statistics), and wait! Did you know that there is a likely possibility that a boy child into a man will at one time own a daughter?

Menstruation is a subject still mentioned with utmost silence. Though closer to sex, it is rather ignored for the embrace of sex(even when most humans barely understand how the science sex even works) strange!

Did you know that the thought and odd attitude towards Menstruation and Menstrual Cycle, period and Blood dates over 500 millions years ago?! Yes, with weird, brutal segregative acts around it faced by the girl child and women at large!

For instance; When a New Guinea tribesman found his wife lying on a blanket at the time of her menstruation, he divorced her, but when he continued to feel her evil influence, he could then kill her with an axe. It was a sanctioned behavior, based on a belief central to his culture: Any contact a man had with menstrual blood -or even with a menstruating woman – would, as one anthropologist put it, ”corrupt his vital juices, permanently dull his wits and eventually lead to slow death.”

Another past study by UNICEF reveals that 48℅ of girls in Iran and 10℅ in India believe how Menstruation is a disease, while in Africa 1 out of 10 girls will drop out of school because they cannot afford a sanitary towel.

Am joined by a team of youth, mainly young men- to delve into the matter of Menstrual health; How much do we know?, how do we find this matter?, how is it perceived amongst society? The stigma around it, Can guys help our a girl child?, how so?, the view of sanitary pads.

A discussion on Menstrual Health and Menstruation among women and girls

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A learner... Experiencing the ups and downs in all life's corners...With a passion for Media;specifically writing and Broadcasting...Still emerging... Life is the main inspiration behind these writings; through the rich experience as a teacher, and my current sojourns in Journalism; I find life, look at it through a different sight, which I share.

5 thoughts on “Menstruation- a subject still hidden from society, but is it fair?!

  1. To my opinion it’s hidden from the society cos most of the women take it as something secret and shameless


    1. It is because of the stigma they face that pushes them into that corner. A huge problem still exists- for if the female gender still feels afraid of openly expressing itself on this matter, then won’t this be harder being embraced by public?


      1. Yes I agree, although it evolves daily, this subject is still incredibly taboo in society as well as so many other daily issues, physical and psychological women (and men) struggle with and are scared or shame to talk about because it’s not usually shown to the eye of the public in the media. It’s unproductive in my opinion, to hide it or to make it “taboo” as the opposite would really help young girls and women understanding and accepting themselves and that this is a natural phenomenon so why not embrace it and treat their body right?


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