Category: The Arts

From way back they define us, even with development resulting from diverse advancement, the ARTS hold a place among any society. Bridging people, cultures and lives they do. They hold more, yet untapped, question is; ‘Who is to save them?’

What Haunts Modern Day Media (Genesis)

Unlike today, where they are lavishly adorning bars, supermarkets and even accessible through mobile technology, televisions were limited to top elites, that even watching them was glorious… 


Isn’t Kanye Breaking Down?!

The star’s recent relationship, right from his family, to people surrounding him isn’t one he takes pride in- and neither do closer circles affirm his ‘doing well’…

Letter to Church Leaders and Christians

Most , if not all concerts organised in churches are free of charge, yet the artistes who perform toil it out till the concert is over- only to walk away with ‘May the lord bless you brother, the lord is using you tactfully sister, your songs are a healing brother, komeza ubutumwa muvandimwe (Continue with the message brethren)… ‘; same old words.