Category: The Arts

From way back they define us, even with development resulting from diverse advancement, the ARTS hold a place among any society. Bridging people, cultures and lives they do. They hold more, yet untapped, question is; ‘Who is to save them?’

Isn’t Kanye Breaking Down?!

The star’s recent relationship, right from his family, to people surrounding him isn’t one he takes pride in- and neither do closer circles affirm his ‘doing well’…


Letter to Church Leaders and Christians

Most , if not all concerts organised in churches are free of charge, yet the artistes who perform toil it out till the concert is over- only to walk away with ‘May the lord bless you brother, the lord is using you tactfully sister, your songs are a healing brother, komeza ubutumwa muvandimwe (Continue with the message brethren)… ‘; same old words.