Month: October 2012

This Pillar

This Pillar

If this is where love leads to

Loneliness, betrayal, death, misery, hate, hypocrisy, isolation…

And indeed my heart desires no more, of the endless trouble this yields

Of the first blossoms of what it used to be

What we used to call it and ever make praise of it

What it ended up to be

Then help me stand by what we will be appreciated for, not blamed by

Teach me what others will admire, and be proud of

Lead me where I will always stand strong, to hold on, even in times so hard

Let me too learn from the little you hold inside

To make my pillar firm

Maybe we were and we no longer are

But we can forever be, once more we can rise again

Stand stronger, more faithful, happier and more so hopeful

Than never before

Yes, it is you and I

Let’s build it up again