Month: October 2013

Stuck in the Elevator

Having got stuck in an elevator in one of Kigali’s tallest building; I continued to prove more with confirmation how learning never stops. Okay, as I had to reach the 13th floor for an appointment, already set and ready; I made my way into the elevator-it was my second time I guess.

I noticed nothing at first apart from the two strangers I was with; the first one leaving at the 4th floor after I being awakened by the elevator bell since I was lost in my ‘fears for freights and heights’ watching how high above I got. I didn’t notice the second one leaving but soon I realized this thing stopping and letting in another person. What I kept asking myself was ‘Why I wasn’t getting to my destination, like the others!’

I soon ran out of patience for this ‘thing’, after noticing that I had again returned to my first point of entrance- which I later learnt to be the ‘Ground floor’ with close attention as other two strangers conversed in affirmation that it was their destination, and with one reaching out for the buttons on the wall then pressing ‘G’, Oh!, stupid I felt; but glad I was progressing- mastering the technique of ‘using an elevator’!!!

This time, I too had to press 13 and in a nick of time I was there- at the 13th floor!

Am not to blame; I didn’t study this- not even through a few physics lessons!, and when one lad asked amidst laughter- why I hadn’t taken the ‘stairway’, I honestly replied, “I just wanted to try out the new technology!.”

I guess it paid off!!!