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Amalon’s Tactical way of Capturing the local Scene

But Amalon’s journey into music isn’t one that kicked off a year ago, for not many know how he began eight years ago, but as a Hip-hop Artist. With Rap as his …


Photography as embraced through Generations

It is just lately that Photography is no longer odd, for gone are the times when a village took pride of the one and only cameraman they had. Lined up to book photoshoot appointments, and took not…

Does Building or Being a Productive Brand Count?

In my media trail, I further reached and realized the value of impact. Media personalities bloom- right from especially what they bring onto the plate(for the public).

First as a writer(not that story-teller though), getting into the first media house was all about getting published(am thinking its the same feeling aspiring Authors, broadcasters, and other creatives all hold).

But when the fuss was over, when it felt normal, I realized however how of a routine- it get boring, so programmed(obvious and repetitive). With media houses holding ‘Editorial Lines’ (which indeed gets to limit expression, and individual creativity), a lot is lost, and yet unearthed.

For instance, ‘Investigative Journalism’ is a barely surfacing aspect amidst the mainstream media fraternity, since media today isn’t fronting quick covering of events, breaking events as they unfold (than digging up unfinished business).

Same as building brands. Individual journalists will do anything to get to the spotlight. Same as other sectors like Politicians, Artists, Educationists and others. With time, quality delivery, which encompasses sacrifice, and real commitment tends to die out.

Does it count?, it does… But stumbles between the ‘Marketing’ and ‘Building a fresh reputation to out compete the existence’. With the fast-passed urge for the earnings, many persons in the industry (who are supposedly to be ‘Creatives’ have lost and don’t feel comfortable being in the space of creation). Since creation requires the investment of time, and capital, not many, most will risk it. Marketeers or most Sales representatives wont settle for this(yet when a package surfaces, they will definitely jump to it in adoration)

In my belief, building brands involves a real investment in creatives, or creative teams, which emerges with unique products to mold Brands. Noticed how unique craft is more earning and durable than mimicked craft? Authenticity counts.

Is Reputation merged with authenticity anymore?, Does quality delivery still count?.
It explains why some ‘Brands’ are outshone in the shortest time as they thrive. Consistency counts, but to a quality foundation. We ought to borrow inspiration, then embrace room for unique creativity and time for development of concepts.

Women hold Wrath,and here is why(2)

A girl raised in family where her mother is physically abused by the the father. The beatings, screens and wails eachday.

Most girls, like sheep have been sold off-more by their parents-into unplanned marriages, since the men who desired them had money,  “Listen to me my daughter. Iam your parent,  and I know what’s best for you, “they stated.

To this day girls are waking up in realisation that they’ve for long lived under oppression and abuse. 

A girl since childhood is molested by her uncle, brother, her real father. She doesn’t enjoy it,  but again fears how society will turn against her if she uttered out a word about an abuse from with in. Again, what does she know?, she will assume.   ‘How dare you insult your father? ‘, they’d state.

Most ladies,  especially in marriage relationships, the pleasure of romance,  intimacy and sexual satisfaction is a fantacy(they only dream of,  or watch in TV Soaps), since to men, they are rather serving a role of quenching their sexual urge. 

A lady won’t get an office job or promotion,  since the proposed terms are ‘A night with the Employer’ -but again, some do.

A lady lost her job since she couldn’t give in to the desires of her male manager. 

Strange a girl would find it how at some cases,  she is told to report for an interview (not in public,  not during day,  yet not in the company of others),  but at a weired venue-a hotel or lodge. 

A lady was raped by her boss. In fear of losing the job,  she swallowed the pain,  gave birth- and carried on. She was fired from her job,  and couldn’t stand against the defiler. 

Another was decieved into sleeping with her employer-to-be. She got the job. Things went on as planned,  but not for longer- as the same criteria was used for another lady. Yes,  a broken heart she turned out to be. 

Imagine the many single mothers, doing all sorts of jobs as they raise their kids- whose fathers denied responsibility.

After her secondary level, she had to surely search for a job. A bar tender she was employed to be. But she learnt how her shift was twisted to night time. One day she was escorted back by a fine handsome lad-who seemed a good Samaritan. On her way,  her last memory before it all was taking a sip of a soft drink. 

Bedridden for 2 months,  investigations indicated how she had been raped by 6 men. She survived, but with a pregnancy and HIV/Aids. No one was brought to justice like the courts sayings state ‘there wasn’t enough evidence’. 

It turns out a suddening aspect how there are women, who haven’t stood up for girls or their fellows,  but rather set traps for them(that too is for another day post).

This all, and more, like a Cancer has eaten them up, drained their souls, that no more they still exist as gentle being’s, but betrayed personalities,thirsty for revenge.

From deeper experience, women today hold great wrath, which like never before might affect generations.

But for any success,  especially in restoring the plight of a girl-child and a woman,  it starts right from a family, the upbringing, and society systems, it’s a joint role.