Month: December 2012

Drama in the Taxi -1

On my way back to Masaka today, 250 Francs is the transport fare; as a regular taxi user, deep lost in concentration of a captivating piece I was reading in one of the papers on-line; was awakened by the usual tap onto the taxi’s roof. An old lady ‘Mucyecuru’ –in her 80’s I guess; who had earlier on been on phone knocked impatiently; ‘Dusige!’ she said- meaning ‘leave us here!’…Unlike in my native country; Kigali’s traffic is more organized –they only pullover at Bus stops. The driver continued and for a moment the ‘tapping’ just went on- enough it was to divert my concentration; she insisted but her plea was in vain- they could only stop at a Bus stop, they explained.
She had taken the wrong taxi and after answering her phone, she got to know of this, mistake!
Next came the drama; she, followed by an old man- the husband maybe went out, just as the taxi finally made a stop at the first stage. ‘Mwishure Magan’abiri !’ said the taxi conductor meaning ‘pay two hundred each!’ furiously after ‘mucyecuru’ had given him two hundred francs; ‘Wampaye…!’ cried out ‘mucyecuru’- an expression of wonder, (that even my closest natives here aren’t certain of either) …
The argument, not ending but backed up with; the conductor’s furiousness and the laughter from the passengers went on for some minutes; with ‘mukyecuru’ insisting that she would make payment only if they took ‘them’ to their right destination, blaming it on the driver, imagine!!!
It was not until a young man- many may term as a ‘good Samaritan’ in the ‘church language’; settled the wrangle by paying the transport fare to which the ‘Mucyecuru’ so delighted replied, ‘Wokabyarawe, Imana iguhe imigisha!!!’- ‘May the lord bless you!!!’ and off we proceeded, but still in laughter!!!…Is it age?


Who I am

From the forests, jungles, hills and riverside am raised,
Yes, African I am, by dark skin am recognized but I can feel the red blood flowing underneath it.
To respect, love, work hard, obey and believe, judge and trust am raised. It all roots from our ancestors, fore fathers, the culture and norms which of course have kept harmony among our society.
So many challenges I have been through, and many lie ahead still because as the world advances, we all change the way we perceive. But I was raised to be strong, never to just let go and stand firm.
Experience is what gives me day to day learning