Month: June 2013

The Weaker Sex!

For sometime, I’ve been thinking and having this guilt; of spilling this out- buried in within me.So we call them ‘a sex which is weak’?; always is my mind pondering about this thought. Living in denial is what they go through, women and to a greater extent.

Ikaze Art Gallery,Kigali-Rwanda (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
Ikaze Art Gallery,Kigali-Rwanda (Photo by Anrew Israel Kazibwe)
Today they are admired because of their potential (Photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe)
Today they are admired because of their potential (Photo by Anrew Israel Kazibwe)

From what I was raised hearing an knowing, seeing; a woman ‘The weaker sex.’ I think this was passed not on assumptions but evidence. True it was ans it has been; they have for long been rendered as ‘weak’, incapable, slow…which all had paved a wide way for undermining and underestimating them.
In the end, denying them privileges in the end at first-which they didn’t fight for lowered their esteem.

Jumping to this day, today;look at ‘a woman’,so dynamic-taking on all tasks there is.Comparing her with yesterday’s woman who we all along referred to as ‘weak’, incapable…So, influential she is today,from the kitchen- serving to the the offices-employing not only fellow women but men!. This is today, she has moved a great mile,proved it beyond doubt that she is equally effective and hardworking as a man; she can perform and deliver on time any task assigned to her, smart, organized, focused and a good planner. On top of the endless list of tasks she delivers, the fact that she can sustain pregnancy; a ‘crucial period’ in a human life,- a bond she creates between and among the human creation, makes her standout, not as the ‘weaker’ sex!

Children Rights vs Parents’ Role

Children Rights vs Parents’ Role

By Andrew Israel Kazibwe

Indeed gone they are, the times when parents had ‘a say’. In Africa, just like a proverb states it, “It takes a village to raise a Child.” So it was, the whole village could face blame and shame if indiscipline was sighted in a child; it was every adult’s role to standup in upbringing every child, just like a norm or a ritual. Considering today’s generation where; parents don’t request but beg, make no orders but painfully abide by what the young dudes desire…Is it all in the interest and respect of

Parenting them (net photo)
Parenting them (net photo)

‘Child rights’, obedience of the law? After thein 1989, governments worldwide promised to adopt to honoring and implementing children rights. This was and is based on what a child deserves and after the realization of the fact that most children suffered from conditions so important that bared them from happily and healthily living. Indeed, they had it all under control,they could lead the way, respect had a place, they were not generally looked at as just ‘caretakers’ Today, they’ve been exposed to vast sorts of information which are all in a bid to ‘protect their rights’; yes, ‘Human rights’ and children stand tall in fighting, for ‘their Rights’; and the parent is the victim here. The ‘Courts of law’ are their refuge in the name of protection, and it is the ‘adults’ behind all this. And when it is all said and done, children are not only let in exposure of privileges of ‘rights’ but to the worse today; crime, drug abuse, prostitution…so, they too fall victims. Referring to Paul J Preston, 2004-2012′ writing as he puts emphasis on parenting strategies;

They fall victims these days,who is to blame? (net photo)
They fall victims these days,who is to blame? (net photo)

basing on Thorndike, E. L.’s (1927). The Law of effect. American Journal of Psychology, 39, 212-222 he states, “Some parents will agree with only part of what I have said. They agree that children should receive reinforcement for desirable behaviors, but they disagree that children need punishments for undesirable behaviors. They think that punishment is cruel or abusive. They prefer to ignore bad behavior in the belief that it will just go away.” Pity is upon parents of the next two generations to come because today takes it’s roots and of course many will look on… So, is parenting a pride still?

‘Thinking’ as to Protect our Environment

Africa's Nature (Net photo)
Africa’s Nature (Net photo)
By Andrew Israel Kazibwe

World Environment Day on Wednesday 5th this month is one of the important days I believe the whole world should live to honor and respect.
With this year’s global theme being; “Think, Eat, Save”- keeps me wondering, right; funny it is; we ‘eat,’ yes we all do, ‘saving’- rarely (with the thought, ‘It is for the wealthy and privileged’!) and ‘thinking’, which most of us don’t; as far as ‘Environmental protection’ is concerned!
The urgent, perplexing climatic changes these days which comprise of; heavy downpour and blistering sun is not a natural blunder, it is out of and of man’s cause. With big dreams, backed up with burning desire for fast development of infrastructure, pollution through industrialization, mechanization, wastage disposal… on the land; forgetting without ‘thinking’ of where all this stands; there’s no environment.
Reading through Rwanda’s newspaper‘The NewTimes’ of 2nd June, according to the Mayor of Kigali, Fidele Ndayisaba; awareness and sensitisation on how to be smart about the way we eat, serve, shop for and dispose our food, was essential. Indeed this I now believe because it’s vivid in Rwanda- a country I hail for a strong hand in ‘Environmental protection’ which is this day part of the country’s culture.
So, ‘thinking’; how many ‘Infrastructural planners’ lay strategies of ‘tearing and conserving’ the environment?, production of environmental friendly chemicals.

Don’t you think that we can put an end to ‘poverty’ and not ‘famine’; that is if we don’t really meditate on the consequences?
If only environmental protection could be influenced more through our education systems, ethics and more so put into ‘practice’ by most countries, then surely our future great grandchildren would live to see how and what a fig fruit tastes like!!!