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Does Building or Being a Productive Brand Count?

In my media trail, I further reached and realized the value of impact. Media personalities bloom- right from especially what they bring onto the plate(for the public).

First as a writer(not that story-teller though), getting into the first media house was all about getting published(am thinking its the same feeling aspiring Authors, broadcasters, and other creatives all hold).

But when the fuss was over, when it felt normal, I realized however how of a routine- it get boring, so programmed(obvious and repetitive). With media houses holding ‘Editorial Lines’ (which indeed gets to limit expression, and individual creativity), a lot is lost, and yet unearthed.

For instance, ‘Investigative Journalism’ is a barely surfacing aspect amidst the mainstream media fraternity, since media today isn’t fronting quick covering of events, breaking events as they unfold (than digging up unfinished business).

Same as building brands. Individual journalists will do anything to get to the spotlight. Same as other sectors like Politicians, Artists, Educationists and others. With time, quality delivery, which encompasses sacrifice, and real commitment tends to die out.

Does it count?, it does… But stumbles between the ‘Marketing’ and ‘Building a fresh reputation to out compete the existence’. With the fast-passed urge for the earnings, many persons in the industry (who are supposedly to be ‘Creatives’ have lost and don’t feel comfortable being in the space of creation). Since creation requires the investment of time, and capital, not many, most will risk it. Marketeers or most Sales representatives wont settle for this(yet when a package surfaces, they will definitely jump to it in adoration)

In my belief, building brands involves a real investment in creatives, or creative teams, which emerges with unique products to mold Brands. Noticed how unique craft is more earning and durable than mimicked craft? Authenticity counts.

Is Reputation merged with authenticity anymore?, Does quality delivery still count?.
It explains why some ‘Brands’ are outshone in the shortest time as they thrive. Consistency counts, but to a quality foundation. We ought to borrow inspiration, then embrace room for unique creativity and time for development of concepts.

Africans harnessing forced marriages (i)

Much as African- which was not long ago (though even to date) is referred to a primitive, backward society, and to a much more extent we’ve embraced modernity through ‘civilization’, marriage is  quite an institution that we’ve ignorantly tarnished with blunder.

Among the primitive habit still creeping through many is how the older generation is shaping the current- through which results are to be emulated by the next generation.It’s quite peculiar, weird, or interesting the issue of marriage get; as more emphasis has been place onto preparations for the ceremony (I mean walking down the Aisle) and may be yes- binding it legally- all the way to Divorce Issues(which are a trend too). But we’ve always looked up to and upon the older generation for inspiration…

One female friend of mine came out honest with me by whispering that, “Marriage is a business today…”-which she complemented with a wink of an eye.

Forced marriages is a growing custom eating deeper into African society today. Noticed how young men and women will in a nick of time flash out a wedding invitation (same manner as if its ‘just’ a business card), then next we’ll hear is how they are ‘happily married.’

Strange is that- even that best friend of yours, whose fiancée isn’t well versed with his or her mother-in-law’s both names is crowned mister or misses a month later.

Well even when buried, truth is how culture is remembered on realization that a girl or young lady is pregnant. See- families then gear up wedding preparations, further sealing it up all before the almighty ‘Till death do us apart’.

In religious ways(just as it is amongst most African traditions), its forbidden to first of all sin through fornication. Am just wondering how further it gets for an action of officially religiously  wedding a couple-which is expecting!

Forced marriages have since edges been amidst society, maybe not for the case of violation of ‘human Rights’, but for actually crucial reasons.

From the African ancient cultural point of view, customs were a core value, from which society was built. Norms and taboos were a focus; for instance boys or girls were trained to be real men and women through hard work (activities like hunting, cooking to marriage and parenting), while with age; as early as their teens, any lad or lass was seen ripe for the marriage institution-and so trained or shaped for it.

Though most parents and families have claimed not to face the ‘shame’ that comes from the taboo of teens giving birth before marriage and rather of leaving a couple to think it through by themselves), events following up forced marriages are toxic- a cancer eating up societies today. Why Divorces are a trend, broken families a lifestyle, yet domestic violence a repercussion too today all majorly roots from the fact that young, lost couples are wedded, then left out to embark on Marriage- which isn’t a piece of Cheese…

Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African- Rwanda based writer- curious about life, and as a learner openly expressing unfolding issues about it…

Games youth are lured into

See, it is another century, that we adorn, explore,lost in fantasy we marvel, them move one- as many only scorn, with whispers, ‘That’s life, we ain’t the first or last…’. For youth, as a core haven’t yet realised our worth, the power and plight we hold.

Relating to incidents going on with in East African countries; am referring to incidents of brutality, torture.The world has seen as youth still fall victims to Rape, defilement, molestations, assassination, drug abuse, prostitution…Yet closely looking deep into it, it is their mental enslavement which has persisted- and while others sing and roar of those being opportunities for a better tomorrow, which they dream of, death pits yarn in hunger…

I recently noticed how brutality and ignorance manifests itself first in Burundi, its youth being butchered- mostly for reasons they think are well versed with. Same has happened in Uganda, a neighbor too- with the pre-election violence which has spilled some blood. In Kenya,not far, it happened too, as again bodies were piled up and burnt.Congo has for long hosted unending scuffles which in Rwanda, over time till 1994, a blood-filed dark cloud manifested, and streets were littered with bodies(which Burundi shares currently),  the world moved on.

See,its all been a puzzle of  ‘POLITRICKS’ as preferred. Youth, whose bodies have and still piled up, yet there blood spills are the target at most. Deeply analyzing how a bloodshed is scheduled, a greedy politician lures young minds into an act, which they fall prey too-deceived how they are holding the ‘SPIRIT OF NATIONALISM’, youth are further convinced that beasts are unleashed from them.

Politicians are aware of what the youth are and their capabilities- they are the power, the foundation, they hold a voice, yet they are the mases. Pity is how youth have never discovered their worth, that they have and are being enslaved by some greed ignited by ‘Politricks’.  “Listen son, they just use you and dispose you off- give me names of youth who have been honored for their bravery who still live,” whispered an old man.

Funny is how youth have been used against each other- in cold blood they lynch, rape, defile and torture each other. So, its a Game they all are lured into- youth, who are the ‘power’ have by politicians been twisted to turn against one another!

Who are the ‘Youth’?… I still ponder in agony.


The Writer;
Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African Rwandan-based freelance Journalist , a learner, Arts enthusiast and advocate. Passionate about what goes on within lives, he shares whats within, around and closer to you. Its an Insight!!!


African Arts;a sector still at cross-roads- A

By Andrew I Kazibwe

Cross-roads!, yes indeed, comparing with how much the rest of the other sectors are developing.

A variety of rich creative acts fill the arts sector, yet a challenge still is in promoting and further developing them faces today’s governments.
Shame faces most governments as today the youth dominate in population-which wouldn’t be the problem (since to them and upon, nations rely ), but the growing unemployment, poverty and high crime gap.

Within our African education systems, the few countries whose learning institutions have introduced courses in Music, Dance, Drama, Music management, Theatre production, Film scripting and directing haven’t further defended these course- that is giving the public strong reasons to strive towards taking on such courses.

A scene from a play at Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Kigali 2015
A scene from a play at Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Kigali 2015

Most governments have made it plain for public to predict their next moves. For instance, a government will act quickly in its interest at levying any field that has proven lucrative-even without supporting its roots (or evolution), this further scares of the few budding sectors, since a creation of insecurity is vivid.

African governments would further create or further support job creation for these fields, if they fore see the potential creative arts sector hold. Potential not only in beautifying through fashion and architecture, not only in entertaining the stressed CEOs but promoting the nations’ images, heritage and more is the creation of employment for the youth.

Ever imagined how many jobs can be created under each sector under the Arts?

Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African Rwandan-based freelance Journalist , a learner, Arts enthusiast and advocate. Passionate about what goes on within lives, he shares whats within, around and closer to you. Its an Insight!!!

Cashless Economy, an overwhelming Trend

By Andrew. I Kazibwe

To those well versed with the business language, Cashless Economy is what they are well versed with- though not much of its deep rooting consequences. Above and beyond its chemistry and puzzling physics-that lay man would marvel at in agony, am imagining a growing era of no longer touching money notes for any reason.

Those born in present times will have stories to tell their younger generations, but not as we do- as we evidently embrace rapid ‘modernization’ trend through technology-whist ‘unnoticing’ the innocence old era vanishing away.

Not touching money!, yes- and as to some, a few it seems their ‘daily bread’, that they are now accustomed to, most can hardly imagine this irony- magic is it?!

Trending is the use of credit or debit cards, mobile and swift cash transfer payments among other payment forms, where by today receives his salary or wage through smart transactions to their account numbers, yet they can further spend all of it without physically touching a penny- but only handing over their credit card, and payments are done!

From transportation systems, hotels and restaurants, grocery stores, bars and night clubs, casinos, gas stations, schools, coffee shops, one can be assured of only carrying their credit card. Am quite sure that holy places like churches and mosques are soon advancing their offertory style- and how will this seem!!!

Smart it is s it saves many the burden of the long bank queues, a waste of precious time, being neared by boring people from all walks of life- at least we can save that for health centers.

But it also saves most from problems that may result from money forgery, and also carrying calculators along, as the Maths needs to be done-for certainty of physical cash notes.

Ever imagined how and what would transpire if the great grandmother to a forty year just re-surfaced onto these streets-maybe for life’s second chance!. Chances are that they would face psychological torture and torment arising from this tech boost.

Sad is that it poses an ‘economical question’ of ‘Why should we need to employ these human beings as tellers-yet this load can be done electronically?’-ATM Machines have proved this!

It also only leaves a few to reminisce the ‘sweet old times’ of one posing in the spot light, while boastfully counting money notes- for all to see, and of course admire his greatness!!!

Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African Rwandan-based freelance Journalist , a learner, Arts enthusiast and advocate. Passionate about what goes on within lives, he shares whats within, around and closer to you. Its an Insight!!!

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Isn’t Religion a hope fading?

By Andrew Israel Kazibwe

It was just recently through a sermon that I reflected onto the madness we are surrounded and are drawn into. It’s the hatred, divisionism, the brutality, bloodshed and killings that are highly ‘trending’ within bulletins! See, I point to one thing, that those involved innocently or by guilt are faced with. See, at the sermon, we as Christians were challenged through faith- that the church is behaving contrary to its roots, roots that preach of ‘love your neighbor as yourself’… Islam and Christianity, just like other beliefs don’t teach ‘hate’ but ‘love’, but amaizing is what is being practiced today. See, religion, when taught to us is and was that one thing that brings a feeling of salvation and hope it is for the world’s peace, since from the outside, it can be defined as ‘LOVE’. Yes, divisionism overtime eaten further into all beliefs, all of them have faced twists, and as a result rebelled against each other. Christianity too has taken a strange route, that believers rather preach than practice and that hate is surpassing love! Within various Christian denominations like Protestantism, Anglicanism, Catholics, Orthodox, Seven Day Adventists, Born Again Christians among others church sections have further split, not to spread love, unity and build a God loving people, but rather collide- a friend referred to it as ‘Church Politiks’, that I ponder at it all times, church has been compromised, invaded! We’ve over time heard small, yet powerful religions arising amongst the Islam religion. Of late the ‘ISIS’ has come up to complement Al Qauda, Al shabab…, as they showcase brutality through media. At a point, am drawn back to ponder, of the long gone innocence that human once possessed- that’s way back before technology, money and immense superiority, yes when ‘Religion’ didn’t exist, that humans thought of each other as equal being worth living…It a thin line that separates each of us, since we all respire, and grasp for the greatest gift that is ‘life’. The question is ‘Who is to save Christianity and Islam?’, ‘Who is to save religion?’ and ‘Who is to save and revive humanity?’

Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African Rwandan-based freelance Journalist , a learner, Arts enthusiast and advocate. Passionate about what goes on within lives, he shares whats within, around and closer to you. Its an Insight!!! 

What happened to who we used to be?

Andrew Israel Kazibwe

For those who have lived through that era- of the 70s, 80s and mid- 90s; when technology had not taken really deep roots into society, times when life within people was so innocent, the real feel of live social interaction; this was when a face to face conversation was more valuable that through this whole session a lot would be achieved.

Gone are the days when we used to have that sweet conversation as we rode in buses, trains, taxis or in cues while in banks or hospitals; quite jolly and memorable they would turn out to be- so we can only save those for occasional events, a few schools and funerals, maybe. All these were replaced by modern Technology- the gadgets. Have you noticed for a moment what goes on event social gatherings?; all eyes and finger tips will be focused on a phone, an I-pad or a Tablet- the gadget I meant!

Thanks to the new Tech, helps us avoid bumping into people we don’t desire, lie about our location, save us from the boring people we are surrounded with and raising addiction for using our gadgets. Amazing how one can easily forget, their transport fare- accidentally of course, wallet or important documents at home, but never their smart phone. The movies and play; the art of real theater is advancing and with this, originality is lost. Today we definitely go for fiction and mythical movies that we pay for, willingly and enjoy

Funny how this is but amazingly we welcome and even spend on high costly technology ignorantly. We are increasingly introduced to new tech, using it, appreciating it even before knowing what it really is!. A friend of mine recently went into a shop and bought himself a smart phone-little did he know on how to use it, till to date- he is learning through the curiosity alongside the challenges faced; I wonder whether he went through the phone manual. But all the same, he is glad because he has joined what he believes is a blessed trend of technology!!!

It’s those heart-felt emotions of reality that have been robbed off from us, leaving cyber expressions as a substitute. Can you really feel one’s mood; their joy, sorrow, pain, reaction… through a text! We no longer are closer, socializing, sharing than it feels yet we have to move on; yes, its development and new experience it brings, faded moments it leaves. It’s an advancement that all ages are deeply sinking into, with praises; guess we really get to take a further step in its reality.

Of course, those who have shared both generation and finally found their way into the transition can admit to this fact; a feeling of emptiness, that gap -too hard to be bridged is all that feels their day to day lives. To the young generation, and that to come; its sad, may be they will know of what used to be-through history, but to them sharing it will be a dream; Gone with olden moments.

Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African Rwandan-based freelance Journalist , a learner, Arts enthusiast and advocate. Passionate about what goes on within lives, he shares whats within, around and closer to you. Its an Insight!!! 

Why Public confession is the rarest of things

Iam quite sure that a lot of thought builds within, even before you read through this piece. I can surely guess that this is because you too find it creepy- ‘Making a public appearance to carry on a confession!’
See, we all have been there, walked down that road of lies and deceit, for many reasons we’ve held onto us- all aimed towards ‘protecting others’, but most of all protecting ourselves.
Reputation and image is what the world is craving for, and with a good reputation, ‘doors so open’ await one. At most, a good reputation is rarely questioned or cautioned, a few will but not deeply well as a bad one is exposed to the open, for all to see.
Talking of bad reputation being exposed; times have changed that for most especially Political leaders,leaders, Public figures, the noble rich…, a bigger price they pay to protect their image. See, they predict how a lot can be lost on their exposure.
Back to ‘Public Confession’, usually one will tend to come out when one’s deeds have already been known, when nothing can be hid anymore.

The Pain
What raises worry and tension is mainly the aftermaths of confession, see one coming out before public discovers their wrongs is so rare, but the few who do so will beat most people’s understandings, even their criticizers will gaze in disbelief, while te whole act will be wrapped up as an ‘act of bravery’.

When a decision is made and is shared with some closest or comrades, various views will come out-‘Do you know what this is to do to your image?’ is that stubbing question they regularly will pose.
At times when one goes ahead with the confession, they are thought of as not being ‘men enough’ or being cowards.
The shame slowly melts off, down and a fresh path is taken as one thinks to themselves ‘what is done is done.’
So, one should really wonder why a confession, not for reputation’s sake is so good and vital, yet in reality and in a long run, the pain of guilt slowly tears apart one’s soul.
Only the courageous enough will opt for a public confession, while the cowards hide behind what they greedily refer to as ‘Reputation’