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To you, the woman I cherish

By Andrew Israel Kazibwe

Speechless I turnout to be if told to compare you… To you the woman who welcomed the idea of cherishing this feeble body that God had granted the greatest gift- life. And through those arms, you daily from day one connected with me, to understand me more-no doubt you know better.Watching me make my first step, smile and all effort lighted up your face.

A painting on Canvas by Antonaire Nshimiyimana at Yego Arts Center in Kigali, photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe
A painting on Canvas by Antonaire Nshimiyimana at Yego Arts Center in Kigali, photo by Andrew Israel Kazibwe

It wouldn’t be unfair if I don’t look back at it all and return, just to thank you. So passionate  find them to be, so collected, considerate, calm a real woman is, that at this thought of her, all settles out…She is a remedy to most. A path for life, a soothing being, companion, teacher, inspiration, drive, an allure she is, indeed so uncomparable To you, the woman who has felt so compassionate, tender, loving and has listened to my pain, shared my dreams, bought all those flirts and complements, made me smile and feel cherished… To you, a women worth to be cherished, even when abused, neglected or holding the feeling of ‘lost’, to you the neglected, but hold that one thing so unique- being a woman…With love you should be complemented, respected and awarded. To you, Oooh the woman I cherish!!!

Andrew Israel Kazibwe is an African Rwandan-based freelance Journalist , a learner, Arts enthusiast and advocate. Passionate about what goes on within lives, he shares whats within, around and closer to you. Its an Insight!!! 


FGM still haunting Girls in Kenya, Uganda

A nightmare it is still to girls especially among the Kuria people of Kenya and some parts of Tanzania. Circumcision has proved a life threatening ritual that some among society live to regret.
In a recent screening last at Goethe institut Kigali of ‘The Cut’, a movie 43 minutes documentary film by Beryl Bagoko as the director. The award winning film portraying the painful cultural ritual of circumcision and female genital mutilation (FGM) majorly among a certain tribe in Kenya, still being taken it on strongly by some people is a touching story of pain faced.
The story digs deep into reality of the painful celebration and initiation of one into becoming a real man, and a woman.
“Indeed people have customs, and this is not worth bearing!,” Pierre Kwitonda from the audience wondered.
The story features live testimonies of girls to women about the whole experience basically among women; with misunderstanding, till to date in societies; with some saying ‘it makes one areal woman’ while others also sticking onto the ritual admitting to the fact that it FGM reduces sexual pleasure and libido of one which controls fornication among women. The discrimination it yields among the un circumcised is expressed while the pain one goes through is witnessed through this movie.
The documentary also features interviews by Kenya based health personnel who too testify against the ritual saying that it leads to reproductive complications especially among expectant mothers and that there is a high risk of disease infections among those being circumcised since it is carried out by people outside the health sector; equipment used isn’t sterilized.
Despite the fact that this tribal act has been stronger before, through campaigns, especially through schools, awareness has been created and some of the people are now being convinced of the health affecting dangers involved.
Talking of the Kuria people in Kenya, and some parts of Tanzania reminds me of the Amudat people of Uganda, where the same custom occurs, region’s political leaders leave in fear of condemning it in public-according to sources but a statement against this practice has been issued by Uganda’s junior Minister in charge of primary health care.

It takes real courage and determination to end the ritual which has persistently eaten deep in some societies. I wonder how many are to stand up longer in this fight!


The weaker gender!-no more, to only cook, deliver children, stay home accomplishing the chores or do farm work she was meant.
Not a word of advice-however developmental could be heard from her in meetings but only to listen, abide and implement whatever the idea was from the ‘Men’. Not even in their own marriage did she have a say!

This has been a Woman of late, worldwide; yes, not only in Africa has she been through that all. It has taken real time and hardwork and sensitization raising a woman to where she is this day.

From the backyard to the Office- as Employers, behind the wheels as Drivers, in lecture as Lecturers, to holy places as Church leaders, in the media as Journalists, on to the stage as outstanding celebrities to sport fields as Sports personnels; even to the ‘parliament as Political leaders’; yes, leaders- who could ever imagine this!
Because of this all, realization of the similar ability which for long lies hidden in a ‘Woman’; Today, even single mothers and widows stay strong and focussed to take on all responsibility there is…

A great symbol of love; passion and care they breed. Just as Mother Theresa of Calcutga was quoted, ‘Peace begins with a smile,’ peace and hamony they build; a child’s first sight will be a ‘smile in it’s mother’s face’, right from the smallest unit of the society-a family, so a role so big they play in nation building from the roots.
‘Gender connecting grass root women to development’ is the theme in this year’s ‘International Women’s Day’. Indeed, many women still are faced with oppression in some of the parts worldwide.
Though her potential and role has been realised and appreciated, this gender still is undermined by some people in most societies worldwide.
The fact that this pride has also been abused by even a woman herself can’t be hidden far, preserving it is a challenge that has to be faced by a generation ahead.

She not only bears labour pains, humiliation, harassment and false accusations but also sacrifice and patience.
A mother gives to her child expecting nothing in return- a great sacrifice she does all her life to you at whatever age.

Blessed indeed they are that inspire every first generation of one’s life. An exemplary life she lives, a determination and patience she carries with her. A lead she deserves in the world’s building and betterment.
Imagine how this world would turnout, without her!